COVID-19 Safety

To improve your safety the Club has implemented a number of changes to our policies and practices to allow the Club to re-open. Please read the information sheet below and the Club's COVID-19 Policy further. Remember, if you visit any of the Club buildings you MUST sign-in. To sign-in you can use this QR code or click this link to access our on-line sign-in page

By registering you agree to abide by the Club’s COVID-19 Safety Plan available from the Club’s website and displayed strategically around the Clubhouse and sheds.

You also declare that you have not visited Victoria in the past 14 days and that you have not attended any of the reported case locations listed on the NSW Health website

LC12ftSSC COVID-19 Messages for members parents and volunteers V7.pdf
LC12ftSSC COVID-19 Safety Policy 2020 V5.pdf