Fire Rebuild

At approximately 3am on 16th September 2018 we received an alert that the smoke alarm in the Western Shed had been triggered. On arrival the fire brigade, who had been altered by a resident of Woolwich, was already in attendance and the Western Shed now on fire.

The fire had been started at the far end of Council’s Boat Lockers and with a strong westerly blowing didn’t take long to move along the boat lockers and into our shed which housed 46 of our Members’ racing skiffs. Once the heat and flames took to the fibreglass nothing could be done to save the shed or the boats and in fact only due to the quick and vigilant action of the brigade was our main Clubhouse saved.

Update May 2019: Rebuild sub-committee met with the General Manager of Lane Cove Council and Senior Council Staff, a potential project manager for the re-build of a new facility which is expected to be the same size shed that existed before and a platform maybe a little bit bigger. Stage 1.

We are very impressed with the speed Council is moving especially considering the two major projects under way in Lane Cove, the Rosenthall Project and the replacement of the 50 meter pool.

Council has been supportive all the way through the process with the removal of what was left and the building of a big temporary storage shed in the car park.

They are currently commissioning reports and we expect to be getting into some serious design work over the next few months.