About Us

The Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club (LC12ftSSC) is a family friendly and focused, not-for-profit, club operated exclusively by a large team of energetic sailors, their families and supporters.

Sailing has been organised from Longueville Point site since at least 1896/97, and we have operated from out location next to the Longueville Wharf since 1918.

Today we have close to 400 members, associates and supporters. The sailors compete in three senior classes and two junior classes. The senior classes sail on 12ft Skiffs – our flagship class - as well as Cherubs, and Lasers in Standard, Radial and some 4.7 rigs, while the junior classes sail on Flying Elevens and One-up or Two- up Sabots. Each Saturday of the season from September through to April, a fleet of up to 80 skiffs and dinghies sail and compete on the Lane Cove River and the Upper Harbour. Many of our sailors regularly represent our club at interclub, state, national and international events.

As part of our social calendar, we hold regular Club Dinners hosted by a sailing class and, during the daylight saving period, there are regular Friday evening bar-b-ques on the deck.

Each season the club operates week long Learn To Sail (LTS) training programs during school holidays to introduce children and families to the joys and challenges of sailing. In excess of 100 children participated over the four LTS programs held last season.

You can find more detailed information in the class and other pages of this website. New members are welcome and are requested to contact the Commodore in the first instance.