Help save our club after the fire

On September 16, 2018 Lane Cove awoke to the news that a fire had destroyed part of the Lane Cove Sailing Skiff Club. Fourty six boats sailed by 60 children and teens were lost in the fire and part of the adjoining slipway was damaged. The support from the sailing community has been overwhelming.

From Commodore Max Gundy:

It's now been a little more than a day since the fire ripped through our Western Shed taking with it a large part of our racing fleet. Yesterday at the Club when people started filtering through it was so disheartening for me to see the sad faces of so many of our sailors with non sailors just as sad and distraught due to the loss of so many boats. Owning a boat is not just owning an object, I have read many posts on Facebook saying that a boat is something you can develop a deep affection for, and this was so obvious as to what I saw yesterday.

From this tragedy I have also observed something else and it's something amazing. That is the staggering amount of people at other Sailing Clubs of sailing related businesses, all of who have sent numerous messages of support, or offers of assistance, financial or the loan of boats and storage or offers to raise funds to help us rebuild. I have also watched, read, and listened to many conversations, posts on Social media, emails, all with words of strength, all with a message of hope, and all containing the theme of friendship.

What brings all of us down to this special place on the Lane Cove River every Saturday afternoon, to spend a few hours on the water, and to enjoy a cool drink and a spirited chat about the day? It's really quite simple, it's our common love of Sailing and the water that everyone shares, it's the love of the Club and everything it offers us, and it's the respect and comradeship that as Members everyone of us share with the next person. This is what makes Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club the great Club that it is. It's you, it's your good friend who sails, it's your Mum and Dad, or it's your kids who get such joy here. It's you, the Members and Supporters who are so important!

The sharing by all of us of the three values I just wrote about is why as a Club we will do exactly what Andrew Glassock wrote on Facebook, "We will rebuild; We will continue sailing", and this is exactly what your Committee is planning to do.

Business as Usual-Sailing this Saturday!

As a Committee our primary goal is to get as many of you who lost boats back on the water ASAP! This is what we see as critical, we don't want this event to lessen anyone's enthusiasm for our sport.

Thanks to many very special offers from Clubs, boat and sail makers, we know that the sailing community is right behind us in achieving our goal!