Membership and Registration

Welcome to Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club. Membership helps support our club with costs such as insurance, rates, repairs and maintenance of the facilities and boats. More people contributing via membership will help us keep the cost of membership down.

Our membership categories are divided into

Active sailors (Adult 21 and over & Youth under 21 as at September 1)
Non-active sailors (have actively sailed with us in past seasons)
Associate (volunteers, partners & parents of sailors that also join us at the club regularly)
Supporters (friends of the club that do not visit the club regularly but still want to stay in touch)

Parents we encourage you to please sign up as an Associate, non sailing member or as a supporter, the club offers such fantastic facilities in a stunning location. What is a better way to spend the day than relaxing out on the deck or on the water.

Please be sure to have your Active Kid’s voucher, Boat Licence and RSA numbers handy to include in your registration. Our club is run totally by volunteers. We would like to know how you can assist with the running of the Club by volunteering in some capacity. Sailors we also want to know your boat name and sail number.

Families we need each person in your family to register individually, and please include boat name, sail number, boat registration, class registration, and storage with each individual sailor.

For more details on member categories and costs such as boat registration, storage and class association registration for the season click on this link:

Apply for new membership or renew your membership and boat registration HERE