Sailing Instructions

In each of the current classes the Club offers weekly scratch and handicap racing.  Handicaps are allocated to each boat according to a fixed time knockdown system, in which the handicap winner of each race loses three minutes from their handicap for the next race, second place loses two minutes and third place loses one minute.  The maximum handicap for each class is 30 minutes.

 Annual pointscore competitions are conducted for:

All competitors should be aware of the Club's Risk Warning (see below) before making the decision to race. 

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Sailing Programme 


LC12ftSSC Master Program 2023-24 - website v4.2.pdf


Race Results 

Risk Warning

Participation in recreational activities supplied by or on behalf of or at the Club is at the participant's own risk. Participants are warned that sailing, boating and associated activities are a dangerous recreational activity and that by participating in sailing, boating and associated activities they may be exposed to significant risk of personal injury or possibly death.

As an indication only, possible risks include:

It is a term of any contract between the Club and any person for recreation services within the meaning of the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW) that the person engages in any recreational activity supplied under or pursuant to that contract at the person's own risk.

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 Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club welcomes visitors. We are happy to record your times and offer the same surveillance from our Response Boats as we do our own boats, however, to do this we need your help.

Before the start advise the PRO of your details – boat, skipper and crew names. If you do not cross the finish line please either notify one of our Response Boats or the PRO as soon as you possibly can (otherwise we will be searching the foreshores for you).

Please record the Club phone numbers in your phone 9427 2276 or 0467 015 336 (phone or text)

Of course if you intend to sail on a regular basis we would very much prefer you register your boat and join the Club making yourself eligible for pointscores and trophies.