The laser class at Lane Cove has 22 active sailing members and races each Saturday during the sailing season with a sociable 2:10pm start for the Laser Radial and 4.7 rigs and 2.20pm start for the Laser Standard rigs. Expect 10 - 15 starters in each race spread across Standard Rigs & Radial Rigs and perhaps one or two 4.7s. The laser courses incorporate triangles with clear air out in the main upper harbour area. These courses are designed to avoid congested areas and provide good sailing angles with much variety. We start and finish at the club in the Lane Cove River which provides a great vantage point for family & spectators. Race presentations take place after racing in a convivial atmosphere at the family orientated club.

We have lasers rigging at the Dunois Street Woodford Bay Laser shed and some at various points around the upper harbour shore. The current season began on 12th Sept and goes through till 27th March 2021. There will be 21 point score races including 5 Club Championship heats and 6 non-point score races, which are geared to enable sailors to attend NSW/ACT Laser association regattas - which of course have been heavily disrupted this season as a result of COVIDF19.

The fleet is a combination of ages (16 -80) and sailing skill levels range from expert to complete beginner. We have a mentoring programme which assists those with little experience to join in, have fun and progress. There are also a small number of club Lasers which are used as part of our Learn to Sail programme and can also be made available for use by prospective members (naturally some rules apply to this, but feel free to enquire). We have quite a few examples of sailors with no previous experience at sailing now enjoying a race every week and showing competitive skill. We try to cater to the needs of any person looking to join us while providing a healthy competitive racing environment to help everyone improve.

Both females and males enjoy Laser sailing where those about 75kg prefer the Radial rig, with a slightly smaller sail, while heavier sailors prefer the Standard rig. Some sailors have both rigs and use their Radial on windier days and Standard for lighter winds with the same hull and rigging being used for both. The 4.7 rig is smaller again and is better suited to lighter sailors. Changing over is very easy to achieve.

For any further information please contact John Hunt, Laser Secretary at

Arnold easily handling a big breeze – our inspiration!

Vicki showing us why she was Radial Club Champ again last season!

David Rosenthall - Standard Rig Club Champion & the season's fastest laser!

Tony doing really well in a big breeze!

Bruce Walker - 2019-20 Fastest radial

Jeff Cribbin loves a big breeze!