What is RUST?

In 2009 with a few members having just retired and a few others already retired or otherwise available, we formed a group with the plan to meet at the Club fortnightly and do a bit of maintenance, do a bit of socialising and generally fill in some of all that spare time we were told we would have when we retired. We struggled for an acronym that would describe us, not wanting to limit the group by gender or age. In the end we decided on RUST (Retired and Unemployed Support Team).

Ten years later, seven of the original group continue to attend on a regular basis, we are still going and the Club continues to provide us with plenty of work, some of it creative, some of it routine maintenance and some of it just cleaning up after others (that’s the boring bit). We always welcome anyone who would like to join us, you don’t have to come every fortnight, although you will probably want to, and you don’t need any particular skills but if you do we’ll try to use them.

Want to join us? Contact Jack Winning or 0404 166 857